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That about sums it up. I could tell you how much fun I'm having watching dogs but I don't think that would be much of a read. That's been about the extent of it since you last heard from me. I was breathtakingly close to hooking up with this gorgeous young girl I met on the crew in NZ. She was all set to join me out here when her grandmother took sick and is on her death bed. Her dad flew her to Invercargill to be with her mum. That was a major bummer as I had been envisioning a most perfect end to this trip.

It's hard to be bummed for too long in a place like this though. I wandered down to the beach hotel in town last night. There was an excellent David Bowie cover band playing—alot of people from the hostel ended up there and a few of us went out for some Indian after. The girl working there lives at our hostel and recognised us. She gave us the whole thing for free saved us each about 20 bucks.

I've been running every day along the water's edge with visions of Bo Derek in my head on this pristine beach. I even managed to see a bit of the Arsenal vs Charlton game in the tv room but had to watch Spy Game with Robert Redford first. Another poor result for Everton drawing at home (and almost losing) to Newcastle. I had a bit of a wager on the game with a Geordie lad (Newcastle) here so no money exchanged hands.

Tomorrow night is going to be fun. This is a small little place but unbelievably Mr. Billy Bragg will be in concert here tomorrow. Stoked!!! I ended up getting the penultimate ticket right under the wire so it should be a full house.

That's it for now—time to make some more sandwiches. Oh yeah Geoffrey, I had this killer pie yesterday. Open topped beef with mushy peas and mash potato on the top. Best one yet.

Take care all, God Bless.