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The final two shows in Aus. were unfortunately the worst of the tour. The penultimate one wasn't quite as bad as the last because it was a full room. But the second one was only about half full. In both cases they were in these serviceman's club venues. With the big long tressle tables and a bar. The boys were not impressed. It's been 20 years since they've done shows like that. It was too bad because overall the tour was a huge success. It just goes to show you how much a good promoter can make a difference. The New ealand (broken key on computer) tour had TV ads interviews and print advertising and were very well attended. George picked up a Sydney newspaper on both preceding days to the last show and there was no mention of the show at all. It is also true that there is a hell of a lot more going on in Sydney than there is in New Zealand.

Anyway I hooked up with my friend Jaime after the show. By coincidence she is going to be living in Aus. for a year came out here just last week. So it was nice to have a friendly face to meet up with as I'm about to be left on my todd. It did feel weird leaving the Hotel this morning with no bandmates or agenda. It was also very fortuitous that in this big city she is staying only about 5 miles up the road in Bondi.

This area is really beautiful. I walked back from Jaime's place in Bondi back to my hotel in Coogee (they stored my bags for the day) and I had the privilege of walking along a path that follows the coast and cliffs it was really great. It also helped to shake off the cobwebs as I had a late one last night after the show. Sean was the only one from the band that came out as there were a lot of kids packed in the pubs there (which was another anti climax—I'm sure we all would have got together for a few jars had the hotel had a quiet bar in it). However I had good fun with Sean and then Jaime and her friend Bridget showed up and I ended up closing the place with them at 4 am. (sorry dad 'OFF' button out of order.)

Not really sure what I'm going to do next. I can crash at Jaime's place tonight 'cause Bridget is out of town but it is too small if she were here. I really like Bondi though. If I can get my visa sorted tomorrow I'll feel more inclined to make some plans. Cous' friend Doug just emailed me from Byron Bay. He runs a backpackers hostel up there. I dropped him a line and he told me to get my arse down there and he'll have a bed for me as well as the promise of a few pints and some girl hunting!

That's all folks