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Lolly played with many different musicians and bands over the years and what follows is our attempt to record this rich and varied history. Please notify us of any additional information, changes, or recordings and photos that you may have.

Patterns of Change

Windsor, ON 1981—1986
Lolly played in this percussion ensemble together with Carl Harris, Dan Alexander and Joseph Mizzi. The group performed mainly in the Windsor/Detroit area and had the opportunity to play with jazz great and Detroit drum legend, the late Roy Brooks. They also performed two scores with the Gina Lori Riley Dance Company which took them on tour to Toronto, Toledo and Cleveland. In 1985, the ensemble was presented with an award in the International Youth Year for their “Achievements, Participation and Contribution to Community Life”. This award was presented to them by then Member of Parliament, the Honourable Howard McCurdy, with an accompanying letter.


Windsor, ON 1985—1986
Together with Rob Palombo (bass and backup vocals), Paul Appler (keyboards and lead vocals) and Joao Carvalho (guitar), Lolly played drums with this new wave rock band, which had elements of U2 infused with some progressive rock moments. The band played mainly in the Windsor area, with a few brief stints throughout south western Ontario.

The Picture Saints

Windsor/Toronto, ON 1986—1989
Lolly played drums with this original pop rock band together with Rob Palombo (bass and lead vocals) and Joao Carvalho (guitar), their sound being a blend of The Cult, INXS and R.E.M. The band wrote and demoed about 20 songs and toured mainly in south western Ontario. This is where Lolly began to co-write, as he learned a few chords and was off to the races playing his acoustic guitar. After the Picture Saints broke apart, Lolly and Joao continued to write and demo together. They played with several local artists including vocal singer and teacher Mitch Seekins, Toronto-based producer Carl Peltzelt and singer/songwriter Karen Gamble.

The Margraves

Toronto, ON 1991

Karen Gamble

Toronto, ON 1991—1993

Slow Parade (1993)

The Paperboys

Vancouver, BC 1994—2000
Paul first joined the Paperboys in 1994 and played with them until 2000. He performed on drums, percussion and vocals on three records (Late As Usual, Molinos, and Postcards) and played in hundreds of shows all over North America. Other band members have included Tom Landa (lead vocals, guitars, bouzouki and mandolin), Cam Salay (banjo and bass), Shona Le Mottée (fiddle and vocals), Hanz Araki (flute, low whistles whistle, shakuhachi and vocals) and Shannon Saunders (accordion, bass, fiddle and viola). The band won a Juno Award and West Coast Music Award for their “Molinos” CD. 

Late As Usual


The Tim Readman Band

Vancouver, BC 2000—2005
Lolly played several live shows over the years with this band, lead by Tim Readman on guitar and vocals.  Musicians have also included Jennie Bice, Dave Haddock, Tom Neville, Shona Le Mottee, Joe Samorodin and Allan Dionne.


Vancouver, BC 2002—2003
Lolly drummed with FESO during 2002 and 2003. Their sound is a mix of traditional songs and mesmeric dance grooves from Southern Africa, injected with the power and panache of contemporary rock.

The Vancouver Celtic All Stars

Shannon Saunders & The Splinters



Vancouver, BC 2001—2005
Sambata is a percussion school and musical ensemble that plays a powerful and unique blend of music, drawing on the rich traditions of Afro-Cuban and Brazillian popular and folkloric music. Led by Paul Bray, Sambata delivers high energy, inspiring performances in parades, clubs and corporate events throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Since its inception in 2000, Sambata has touched thousands of lives with its brand of innovative arrangements, cross-cultural instrumentation and exuberant spirit.
Lolly joined Sambata in 2001 and played through to 2005. Performers include: Dominique Basi, Phil Belanger, Claudia Bos, Paul Bray, Paul Davis, Chris Denis, Chris Dewhurst, Katrina Dombsky, Michelle Doyle, Neil Friedenberg, Liam MacDonald, David Niddrie, Quentin Parsons, Lianne Payne, Bonnie Soon.

Sambata (2004)


Mission, BC 2003—2005
Lolly played some live shows with the band starting in 2003 and their last show together was June 25th 2005. Musicians include Jennie Bice (fiddle and vocals) Joe Samorodin (bass) and Tim Readman (guitar and vocals).

The Big Head Project

Vancouver, BC 2003—2005
Lolly found his way up on stage at most BHP gigs.  Musicians include Paul Tomochko (guitar), Jason Mulcahy (guitar), John Irving (bass), Ben Banky (lead vocals), Cody Westman (percussion), Guy Devin (drums) and Paul Lawton (drums/percussion).

Hanz Araki and An Tua

Seattle, WA 2005
Lolly played drums and percussion and a bit of bodhran with this band. Their last gig together was July 9, 2005. Other musicians include Hanz Araki (flute/vocal), Suzanne Taylor (piano) and Dave Cory (banjo/guitar).

The Shona Le Mottée Band

Vancouver BC 2005
Lolly played percussion on Shona's CD “Destination Grouville” which came out on June 3rd 2005. He performed at the CD release party and was to have done further gigs with the band that summer. Musicians include Shona Le Mottée (fiddle and vocals) Tim Readman (guitar and vocals) Boris Favre (bass) Allan Dionne (drums) and Lolly (percussion).

Destination Grouville


Andy Collins

Vancouver, BC 2005
Andy is a singer/song writer that Lolly had just recently started drumming with. They toured througout BC and Alberta in late June of 2005. In Lolly's words, Andy has "some dreamy stuff, some bouncy stuff and a few kickers".

The Irish Rovers

International 2002—2005
Lolly played the drums as well as the traditional Bodhran (irish frame drum) for this legendary outfit. He toured extensively with the Rovers, playing theatre gigs in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia for audiences of about two thousand people. He was set to have toured New Zealand again with the band in August 2005. Lolly appeared on two of their CDs, the latest being “40 Years A-Rovin'” which contains the following words from the band:

“We would like to dedicate this CD to the memory
of our dear friend Paul “Lolly” Lawton (1964—2005)”

Live in Concert
40 Years A-Rovin'


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