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“Great Stuff - The Songs of Paul “Lolly” Lawton” is now available.

The CD is a compilation of songs written by Lolly. It features several musicians that he played with over the years, all of whom poured their hearts into recording his songs for this CD. You'll also hear some of Lolly's original acoustic recordings. 
The CD can be purchased online through CD Baby. They ship anywhere in the world. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to a charity to be chosen by Matt and Christine Lawton.
Here's the link to Lolly's page on CD Baby:

As Lolly would have wanted, take the time to listen to his words, feel the music and lose yourself for just a little while.

track listing

Two Week Vacation
Soul of Everyone
How Long Do I Wait?
Love Spider
Universal Mother's Heart
Angel In My Girl's Disguise
Shana Na
7/8 Drum Solo
Sending Out A Message
Same For Everyone
If You Think

charity update from Christine & Matt

The recent production of the CD "Great Stuff" has resulted in raising $1230 from sales on the web and in Canada and £715 (approximately $1600) from sales in England so far. This figure in British Pounds is not a final figure. The CD's that we initially received were all sold very quickly and another supply was sent to us which again were all sold. A further supply which we understand now completes the number of CD's that were cut, has only recently been received. Most of that recent and final supply is sold and we have kept a few aside for future recipients of the Scholarship. We sent cheques for $665 to The Vancouver Hospice Society and $665 to the Vancouver Heart and Stroke Foundation. The sum of £715 has been given to the MacMillan Cancer Care. At the time of writing we have received a certificate and interesting letter from Susan Hurd, Chair of the Board of the Vancouver Hospice Society, and also a certificate from MacMillan Cancer Care. The following message was also posted to the Vancouver Sun Guest Book from The Heart and Stroke Foundation: "To honour the memory of Paul (Lolly)Lawton, a generous gift from the friends of Paul Lawton-music CD sales from "Great Stuff" has been received by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon. With sincere thanks, Donor Relations".

click on the images to see a full-size version

There have been several broadcasts featuring the CD "Great Stuff" on various Canadian Radio stations. A recent broadcast on the very popular Vinyl Cafe was brilliant. Stuart McLean spoke so very well of Paul saying that he wished he had known him. Click here to see a radio log of the show. "Soul of Everyone" was also played on Sounds Like Canada on CBC Radio 1 on August 10th. Click here to see a radio log of that show.

So many people have told us over the past two years how they have read about Paul on the website and wish they had known him.