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from Christine and Matt Lawton

11th January 2014

A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL OR, MAYBE I SHOULD SAY, IF MY SPANISH IS CORRECT, FELICE ANNO NUEBO as we are in sunny Spain where we have been for the past four weeks and will be returning on 9th January in time for Paul's birthday.

Another year, another birthday; but not just any birthday; it is Paul's 50th birthday and it is not difficult to imagine, (knowing how his birthday meant so much to him) the gathering and the celebration that would have taken place especially in the home he loved, in the town he loved and the Country he loved, Kitsilano, Vancouver, Canada.

We do, however, have another very special birthday celebration. Patrick, our nephew and his partner Michelle who live in South Africa, were blest with a baby son. They both like the name Jack . Patrick told us that " we want Paul's memory to continue for many years to come and when Jack is older to tell him what a special person Paul was and why he should be proud of his middle name". Consequently we have Jack Paul Lawton. Deo Gratias.

Michelle had a very difficult and premature delivery. Baby Jack Paul was unable to breathe on his own and was in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit. On Christmas Day, there was a miraculous, sudden improvement and he was able to breathe on his own; in Patrick's words "a miraculous Christmas Rose"

Consequently there is no doubt that we have much, in Paul's memory to celebrate on his 50th birthday. There will be a Mass at 7 pm on Friday 10th at St. Augustine's Church in Vancouver. Undoubtedly on Saturday 11th January, glasses will be raised and there will be many happy memories talked about the life and times of Paul or Lolly Lawton. Also on 11th., Matt will go to Everton to watch the game and visit the memorial garden. On Sunday 12th at 1045 there will be a family Mass offered in memory of Paul and his 50th birthday and in Thanksgiving for Jack Paul Lawton. This will be followed by a family meal.

We thank God for our lovely son and the 41 years that we had him in our lives, for the wonderful memories that we have of him and also for his memory living on not only in our memories but in the life of our dear friends Kerry and Darren's son Daniel Paul and in the life of Patrick and Michelle's son Jack Paul Lawton. Both of these children carry his name because their parents want them to know about Paul and just how very special he was. We feel privileged and thankful for this legacy.

Christine and Matt

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