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from Christine and Matt Lawton

15th July 2013

Our entry on the website for the 8th Anniversary of the loss of our lovely Paul (Lolly) is to be short this year as Shawn will be away for a period very soon. We hear from so many of you so often and you will never know what a consolation it is to us both that your memories of our precious son are as true today as they were 8 years ago. Much has happened in our lives during those years and it is very clear that Paul is watching over us and making things happen for us for our well being just as truly as if he was alive.

We know that he watches over not just us but over each and every one of the family of friends and every single person whoever meant anything to him during his life from his birth and his life here in England, to his life in Canada; Windsor, Toronto, Vancouver and the many people he met on his travels with his music. Every single person whoever they were, meant such a lot to him because of his capacity to love.

The Paul Lawton Memorial Scholarship for St. Clair College this year went for the first time to a male student and that male student was a drummer/percussionist. We were represented this year by our close friends Jane Bryans and Tony Johnson and we are very grateful to them. The fact that the presentation is held in February makes it very difficult for us to attend. Travelling from England to Canada in the Winter is not at all practical for us but thankfully we have friends in Windsor who are kind enough to attend the presentation on our behalf.

The CD "Great Stuff" is still selling and Cous diligently takes care of this. The proceeds are added to our annual donation to The Paul Lawton Memorial Scholarship.

We recently heard from Hanz that he is hoping to be in Ireland and England in September and we are very much looking forward to seeing him.

We are keeping this deliberately short to allow Shawn the time to do the necessary before he leaves on vacation and we are so grateful to him for letting us know that he will be away thus giving us time to get this to him.

We know that many of you will be remembering Paul at the Vancouver Folk Festival which he so much loved and that you will congregate at the famous Lolly Magic Tree and bench.

Holy Mass will be celebrated in Paul's memory on Monday 15th July at St. Augustine's Church in Vancouver at 7 pm. and here in St. Werburgh's Church, Chester on Sunday 14th July at 10:45 and again on Monday 15th July at 12:15.

For those of you who may not be aware of our change of address we detail it below.

Apartment 20 - Forest Court, Union Street. Chester, CH1 1AB., Cheshire England.
Telephone 011 44 1244 791799
Email; derrycavan@gmail.com.

Unfortunately during all the changes to emails etc., we have lost many of our contacts so if anyone who has not received an email from us advising of the changes could possibly drop us a line, we can then restore your contact.

Chris and Matt.

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