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from George Bathgate

It's a very rainy afternoon in late October as I sit at my laptop looking at the drizzle outside, and plunking away at a few memories. The rainforest is - quite predictably & dependably - doing its job, and I am here in my little home office in Kitsilano - thinking about our dear friend Lolly and also having an awareness of the passage of time.....

Recently, I stumbled upon two pictures of Lolly that I like, which conjure up great memories of fun times that we had, eating & drinking & playing music in my house circa 2001 - 2005. One photo is of Lolly & I standing in my kitchen, which is festooned with Christmas decorations, Lolly is playing the Doumbek & I am shaking a rhythm egg. The other photo is a tracing of Lolly's hand which was also from my kitchen. Over a period of several years I encouraged friends and family to trace their hands on my kitchen wall & to sign them. By final count there were over 75 hands on my walls, one of which was - of course - Lolly's. Over time I added "stuff" to various hands which - in Lolly's case, if you look closely - included a little locket of the Virgin Mary and a stylized Cross made out of Letraset....these adornments were added in recognition of Lolly's devout faith & belief.

On another note - as you are all well-aware, Lolly was incredibly passionate about music.(...ok, maybe an understatement!) Not only was he an award-winning drummer and percussionist, he was also an avid collector of a vast array of songs from a myriad of artists. By the time of his passing, he had amassed an impressive musical library of approximately 17,000+ songs! As a result of Lolly's diligent efforts & hard work to download this library onto his hard drive, a number of us, have been able to share in this legacy that he left for us. Initially, I wasn't quite sure what to do with such a "mountain of music", which dwarfed my own paltry collection. After a time though, it occurred to me that listening to Lolly's collection would be a good way of keeping him close to me, and would be a great learning experience too. So - since receiving this legacy...about a year ago I have been going through the library song by song...nibbling away at the mountain ever so slowly and methodically...a half hour here and an hour there....slowly building playlists when I find a treasure that I like, and most often just being in awe of the vastness of Lolly's collection & the cool & eclectic tastes that he had. As of this writing, I have just finished the letter "F" and am now in the "G's"...recently stopped between between "Games Without Frontiers" by Peter Gabriel and "Gang Deyo" by Geoffrey Oryema. As part of my own learning process, I always keep Wikipedia open whenever I don't know a particular group or artist (which is often)...who knew there was so much material from Genesis? Five versions of "Follow You Follow Me"!!

Lolly - You are sorely missed dear friend, but you reside forever in my heart - and ears!!

I love you man

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