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from Christine and Matt Lawton

January 2011

As we approach Paul's 47th birthday I know with absolute certainty that the birthday that Paul would want me to write about this year is definitely the celebration of the birth of a long awaited little girl, known to many of us for the past several months prior to her birth, as Sparkles.

This little girl is surely a miracle baby and nobody would have been happier for Cous and Johnny than Paul, if he were here. I know he would be and definitely is overjoyed. For the past few years Cous and Johnny have ridden a roller coaster of highs and lows as several periods of joy were followed by an equal number of periods of grief and anguish. For the past nine months however, they have lived a life of ecstatic happiness as they lived through their pregnancy with Cous blooming happily and healthily with every day that passed.

When, on the 20th December, 2010 Cous delivered her baby girl which, incidentally, is the birthday of Paul's sister and our daughter Beverley, there would be much rejoicing in Heaven and the music would surely be going on and on and on. It will still be going on today.

This has been a tremendous year for both Cous and Johnny, first of all pregnancy, then a new house, a wedding, and now, the ultimate gift of all a precious baby daughter. When talking to Cous recently she spoke of how good baby Baela is. I have no doubt whatsoever that having lived for the past nine months in such a joyful, happy, peaceful and contented environment, she brought all of this with her into this world. Congratulations to both of you, we are so delighted for you and we know that Paul will be watching for the day when she will make her debut in her pink Everton gear.

Now we look forward very much to the visit to England of Pat, Paul G and Tony, We are so much looking forward to seeing you. Have a safe journey. We will see you soon.

In conclusion we must make mention of the Lolly Tree and Bench. The bench is beautifully adorned with an enormous magnificent Christmas wreath. The tree which is growing so tall, as usual is dressed at this time of year with the usual blue and white Everton baubles and looks amazing. There was a slight change in the timing of dressing the tree which is normally done after Christmas and in time for "Lolly's birthday". This year, however, it was dressed prior to Christmas to ensure that the arrival of Baby Baela did not "interfere" with the dressing of the Lolly Birthday Tree or vice versa. Thank you Paul (G) for sending the lovely picture which is now on our laptops. We see and admire it every time we "switch on".

We thank each one of you so very much for honouring the memory of Paul's birthday. We know how much his birthday always meant to his family of friends. So many of you celebrated "shoulder to shoulder" during his lifetime with the "party of the year" and we thank you so much for keeping his memory alive as you continue to celebrate and remember him. Our precious son was so much loved by so many.

The birthday Masses in Paul's memory will take place as usual at St. Augustine's Church Vancouver on 11th January at 7.00 pm and here at St. Werburgh's Church, Chester, on Sunday 9th at 10:45 am and Tuesday 11th January at 12:15 pm.

Our darling son Paul, you are loved and missed every day of our lives and we carry you always in our hearts. May God Rest Your Beautiful Soul and may He hold you in the palm of his hand +

Mum and Dad.

Christine Lawton - 11th January, 2011

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