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from Christine and Matt Lawton

Once again, we are approaching the 11th January the birthday of our beloved precious son Paul. He would have been 46 years old on Monday 11th and quite honestly I can only say that we miss him more than ever.

Last Saturday Matt and our youngest grandson Finn went to Everton for the game with Carlisle. Finn, although he is a Liverpool supporter claims to be an Everton supporter also! He arrived at our apartment dressed for the cold and wearing his LOLLYPALOOZA tea shirt with his blue and white hat and scarf and carrying his huge Everton flag. At one point the crowd were singing "There's only one Seamus Coleman" and Finn proudly opened his coat and displayed his Lollypalooza tea shirt with the words "There's only one LOLLY LAWTON" When Everton won 3 - 1 you can imagine the thrill they experienced. They also visited the garden where Pat, Paul-G and Tony sprinkled their ashes and where Paul's rose is still flourishing.

I don't think the void that his loss has left in our lives will ever become less. Yet for all of this, he continues to help us to know that he is constantly with us watching over us in so many ways. One example of this was that a few months ago I had a minor incident whereby I got a small piece of plastic in my foot. I went to the Nurse to see if she could get it out but I was told that although she could see the point of entry she thought it would work itself out rather than trying to probe it out. Because of this I left it and did no more about it. About 4 weeks later I got a text on my mobile phone from Sandy - a Medium who said that Paul had told her to tell me to sort out my foot. We were absolutely amazed at this because it was so minor that I hadn't mentioned it to anyone at all. Eventually I asked Gerard, Beverley's husband if he would take it out for me, thinking that it would be a simple job, like taking out a splinter, and that if I went over to their house he could get it out quite easily. Gerard, however said he would want to ultrasound it to see how deep it was before he would attempt it. This he did and assured me that it was quite large and much too deep and that it should come out quickly as it could cause a serious infection. The end result was that the following day I was admitted to the Countess of Chester Hospital and it was surgically removed. When I was discharged two days later, I immediately phoned Sandy who told me that Paul knew that I had been hospitalised and had told her all about it. An example such as this assures me undoubtedly that Paul is watching over us and guiding us. This, is a tremendous comfort and I thank God to have Sandy in our lives.

Our granddaughter Anna brings so many memories of Paul to my mind as I watch her with her IPod playing the songs that she loves, so many of which were inspired in some way by Paul. Last year Anna and our other granddaughter Colette sang the song "Fix You" by Cold Play as a duet at a school function. They brought the house down. Anna said afterwards that it was one of the songs that Uncle Paul had played to her on his last visit here and it reminds her of Uncle Paul so much. Her collection of songs on her IPod although not so varied as Paul's collection, has many, many of the songs that he would have played and enjoyed. So, the memories live on and the music lives on.

We had a picture of Paul-G with his lovely wife Sue and adorable baby son Sam (a future Everton supporter) It is a truly lovely picture bringing to mind that Paul was to be best man at their wedding but died just a week before. How he would love to be here watching their marriage flourish, and enjoying their baby son. We also had an email from Couz {Denise Cousineau) relating a lovely story of how she and some other friends went to decorate Paul's tree and bench the other day in blue and white of course - the Everton Colours. Some surprised onlookers told them that they were a little late for Christmas until they explained it was for Lolly Day as they call it. We are indeed blest with Paul's wonderful family of friends and there is no way that we can ever thank them for all they have done and constantly continue to do to keep Paul's memory alive and to celebrate his life in so many ways and also a huge thank you to Shawn for keeping this website running and also for the Vancouver Sun Website that is still running and maintained by Handy Dart on which several people place messages from time to time. How blest we are!

Mass will be celebrated in Paul's memory on Monday at 7 pm at St. Augustine's Church Vancouver and also at 1045 am on Sunday, here at St. Weburgh's Church in Chester, followed by a family breakfast.

I will now close with a few verses from a poem that is especially poignant for myself on Paul's birthday.

"When you were born on that special day, I held you close to me
Joy overflowed from deep in my heart with a power strongly conceived
And I knew from that very moment that you were a gift of love
Sent to bless my life in so many ways, truly sent from God above.

Words couldn't express my joy at your birth
They will never express the loss in my heart
Knowing you've left and returned to Heaven
That it was deemed your time to part.

And though I'm not sure how I get through this grief
I promise this much my dear son to you
That I'll remember you each day with gladness
For that is what you'd want me to do.

On our precious son's birthday, always loved, always missed and for ever in the hearts of your Mum and Dad.

Christine Lawton - 11th January, 2010

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