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from Christine and Matt Lawton

Hello to all of Paul's friends and family everywhere. As the 15th July approaches we reflect on all that has happened since 15th July, 2008. It has been a relatively good year for us as we have settled into our new apartment in the heart of Chester. Paul would have loved it here and we are quite sure he has had so much to do with helping us to find the perfect place for us in every way. He is constantly with us and even though he was never here physically his presence is always here.  

A visit from Sapna very recently was a true highlight bringing us a great deal of pleasure. She was with us for The F.A. Cup Final which was held at Wembley. Paul would have been on a high after the first minute as Everton scored that notorious goal but unfortunately they did not win the cup. He was with us in spirit along with Pat, Tony and Paul G.

Pat and John McLaughlin kindly represented us on February 19th at the 2009 St. Clair College Scholarship Awards at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts in Windsor Ontario where the Paul Lawton Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Saphire Demitro.

Amazingly we received a lovely letter from an old friend of Paul in Windsor, Ontario, from way back in the very early eighties, Craig. He knew he had some pictures of Paul from that time but had been unable to find them. Later, they had a flood in their basement and he had lost all hope of ever finding them. However, on Mother's Day of this year, Craig's father discovered a photo album belonging to Craig and the photos were those of Paul that he had been looking for. Craig very kindly sent them on to us and they are a real treasure. They brought such memories back of the young teenager being so happy because he had joined this group. I quote from Craig's letter "I must say we were a great little quartet many thanks to Paul's personality, drumming skills and vocals. When Paul came in to audition we knew that this cat was going to blow us away, he did just that and was hired on the spot".

As we write this, we are preparing to leave for Ontario as our dear and precious friend Dr. Strausz is critically ill and we need to be with him, and Ruthie and Norie at this time. Before leaving however, we would like to quote a few verses of the beautiful and poignant poem "You Were The Pride Of Our Hearts"

It's so difficult to let you go, though death's left us no other choice
We mourn the loss of never seeing you again, of never hearing your precious voice
It seems that in life there are certain times which are more than  "simply unfair"
When our hearts search out for answers but cannot seem to find them there

And such is the case at your passing  contemplating the briefness of your life
All the great things you still would have done if you'd had just a little more time.
It isn't difficult to envision the possibilities for look at what you'd already done
The difference you'd made in so many lives in all that you had become

Perhaps you were simply too good for this life so God called you back to Heaven
That your life needed no further testament than the goodness you'd already given
But regardless of the reason for why you had to depart
We miss you every single day of our lives
For You Were the Pride of Our Hearts.

Thank you for being our example inspiring us through your courage and drive. We cherish all the precious memories you lovingly created in our lives. Your life reflected a wisdom that few, so young can see.

Sadly missed but for ever in our hearts, Mum and Dad.

Christine and Matt - 15th July, 2009
Chester, Cheshire.

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