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from Christine and Matt Lawton

Once again, due to Shawn's diligence in keeping this website going and to Paul's friends for keeping it alive, we find ourselves able to write a message especially for Paul's 45th birthday.

On Saturday just like Father and Son, Matt and our grandson Finn will be going to Everton for the game. They will visit the Everton Memorial Garden as did Paul's friends, Pat, Tony and Paul -G on their memorial visit. On Sunday we have a Family Mass in Chester; our first in Chester as it has always been Frodsham. After that we will all go out for breakfast. Paul loved to go our for breakfast - like Mother like Son - so that is what we will do in his memory. There will be a Mass in St. Augustine's, Vancouver on Friday evening 9th January, in Paul's memory. We have always had these Masses for Paul's birthday and anniversary but this year I have reconnected with a very dear friend in Calgary with whom I have been out of touch for many years. Huge Thanks to Shakeh (Dayal) she has reconnected my friend Valerie, Matt and I. Yesterday we received an email from Val saying that although it was too late for her to arrange a Mass for Paul, he will be remembered personally in all the Masses on Sunday at the Holy Spirit Church, Calgary Alberta. Add all of this to two Masses in Ireland and no doubt a "true get-together" of Paul's friends in Vancouver and we can safely say he will be remembered across the world.

A few months ago, one Sunday, I was going through my treasured possessions when I found a lovely letter from my friend Val. It was written by her to me on the 11th January, 1964 - forty-five years ago - the day that Paul was born. She was working in the Hospital and had received word that I had been admitted. About an hour after finding the letter, Shakeh called and told me how she had just had a reunion with an old friend of hers. I then told Shakeh about the letter I had just found, and told her I would love to reconnect with my friend Val who was living in Canada somewhere in Alberta but I didn't know where. We had both moved and lost touch for a number of years. Shakeh immediately asked for her name and assured me that she would find her for me. Less than two hours later, I received an email from Shakeh with Val's email address and telephone number. We have been in touch daily by email ever since plus a couple of lovely long telephone chats. It has been a wonderful gift. Roses are certainly still raining.

Yes, we dearly miss Paul :- his tender love, his compassion, his rambling funny stories, his radiant smile, his huge hugs and everything about him. He will always be with us though in so many ways. We firmly believe that I was meant to find that letter from Val and that Shakeh was meant to call me on that day and that Paul orchestrated the whole thing. Thank you Shakeh, Thank you Val and above all Thank you Paul and have a lovely birthday in Heaven hopefully with your friend Ben who has recently joined you there.

We love you Paul with all our hearts - Mum and Dad.

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