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from Nora Strausz

This one goes out to Paul:
It has been two years since your unexpected and unbelievably tragic death and it has taken me this long to finally write something down. I'm not a girl of many words however since your death you have consumed my thoughts even more than when you were alive. I know that you are watching over me, your mum and dad and all of your loved ones and am lucky to visit with you in my dreams. What a blessing it is to have you sit with me, talk with me, hold my hand and with your eyes, giving me the strength to believe in my dreams and letting me know that everything has a way of working itself out in the end. I share my dreams with your mum (whom you have no choice but to share with me as she is ME English Mum and your dad too who is, of course, ME English Dad) because you often ask me to let her know that you are in a better place and that you know how very sad she is. I have also conveyed to her that you are always with her, watching over her and your dad and often times are sitting in between her and your dad while they are enjoying a meal - this only brings a smile to your beautiful, handsome face and joy to your heart.

Paul, I've loved and adored you my entire life. Each Christmas there was nothing more that I looked forward to than to go shopping for you and to buy you some "cool stuff" that you would ultimately look totally HOT in!!! What a joy it was to see those blue eyes of yours sparkle upon opening up the boxes containing some essentials to a Cool Guy's wardrobe!!
As much as I'm still not over the fact that you are physically gone, that the body that once housed your spirit had been broken; I know that I will, undoubtedly, see you soon. I look forward to the many evenings in which you will appear to me once again in my dreams and know that every minute of every hour of every day you are not only in my thoughts, but in my heart and in my soul.

Paul, I can't thank you enough for all of those McDonald's milkshakes which contributed to my chubby waistline as a child!! What a treat it was to be picked up from school by you! What a blessing it was and is to have you in my life.

Love you for an eternity!!!

Nora Strausz,
Windsor, Ontario 

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