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from Christine and Matt Lawton

Dear and Special Friends,

We were overwhelmed by the CD “Great Stuff”. It is truly a legacy of love and a wonderful tribute to Paul for which we thank each and every one of you involved — donating your time and talent in the production and organisation of this treasure. The cover, the musicians, the sound, the production and all the effort from those involved in making it possible, from deciphering the words, right through to its completion, has been a massive undertaking which has resulted in a more than “Great Stuff” CD.

We have been deliberating over which charity to use and have done this very carefully. We therefore have had to say “What would Paul do if he was alive today”? Before he passed away, if he had a sum of money to donate to charity, he would have given to each of the several charities that he donated to; one of them being Cancer Research. However, if he was alive today, we think he would have felt differently. A few months after his passing, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and we know that Paul would have been absolutely devastated by that. He would also have been very much involved and extremely distressed by the lingering and debilitating death of Sapna's Aunt Ashkhain, and more recently we heard the very sad news of the death of Karen Bence's mother. For all of these reasons, we feel that Paul would want to donate to a charity involved in the caring of patients with cancer, rather than research, in order to give something back.

Lastly but by no means least Pat (Ruel) recently suffered a heart problem. Paul would certainly have been greatly concerned by this and would have undoubtedly wanted to donate to a charity closely related to bringing his extremely close “mate” back to good health.

For all of the above reasons, we have decided that the money raised from all CDs sold in Vancouver and from places other than Vancouver, through CD Baby, should stay in Vancouver where “Great Stuff” was produced with so much love for our precious son. The Charities we have chosen are The Vancouver Hospice Society, 3695 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver and The Heart and Stroke Foundation 1212 West Broadway, Vancouver.

The money raised from the sale of “Great Stuff” in England and Ireland will be donated to The Macmillan Nurses. I personally was not involved with The Macmillan Nurses; they care for terminally ill patients with great compassion and dedication either in hospital, hospice, or in their own homes. We feel that their charity is an extremely worthwhile cause.

Once again, our deeply sincere appreciation to all who have been involved in the production of “Great Stuff” and also our sincere thanks to those who have purchased the CD thus donating to the above mentioned Charities.


Christine and Matt Lawton

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