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Paul on a night out in Preston, England

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from Michelle Lawton

I was so happy to hear that Paul was coming to visit England last May as I hadn’t seen him for some years. The times he had visited previous to his last visit, I had always somehow missed him as at the time I was living in London and couldn’t get home. However this time I was adamant that I was going to get back up to Preston to take him on a night out. As soon as I saw him it was like I’d seen him last week, but then I suppose being cousins you have an invisible bond which will always connect you. We were soon sharing ipod music (his being slightly better than mine as you can imagine) and sharing the Lawton humour!

That night myself, Paul and my family went out for a meal and managed to consume a beer or two along with some very good food. After the meal we were all feeling rather merry and so I announced to Paul that I was going to be taking him on a night out in Preston. However I also told him that all my friends were on a hen night, and so we would be meeting up with them later on in a night club. To say Paul looked scared was an understatement! He kept trying to get my dad to come out on the night but my dad was insistent that Paul should go out with me and my sister. However Paul was convinced that my dad would eventually say he would come along for the night – how wrong he was! As dad dropped us all off outside the nightclub, his parting words to Paul were “like a lamb to the slaughter”! Well Paul started laughing so hard, which if I think if I’m honest was more a laugh of fear than joy!

So in the nightclub we went and as soon as we got to the bar the hen night arrived and immediately swarmed around Paul, having their photograph taken with him and generally giving him lots of attention. It was hilarious! Paul looked petrified at all these very loud English girls suddenly dancing around by him on their hen night. So after I’d amused myself for a while I decided to rescue him so that we could have a chat. We chatted about everything from music to travel to nights out. At one point my sister came over and presented us with several sambuccas. We soon realised that too many had been bought so we told Paul the extra ones were his – he didn’t seem to mind!

The next thing we know the lights came up and it was time to go home. Well Paul and I were in no mood to go home being very much in the party zone at this point. However there was nowhere left open so Paul came up with the idea of going home and putting some music on and having a drink back there, which is what we did! We decided to have an ipod-off, which meant picking a song from each others ipod to see what kind of music we were both into at 3 in the morning! Before long we were dancing around the room which would have looked hilarious to anyone walking past, especially when the Irish Rover was played and we were “yee-hahing” round the room, swinging each other round!

The next day we were not a pretty sight but managed to get ourselves out of bed for Sunday lunch at Aunty Christine’s and Uncle Matt’s! That day Paul made me a cd from his ipod collection which I treasure to this day. Every time I play it, it reminds me of that time I spent with Paul and how our bond as cousins had grown stronger in that time I had spent with him. I had always known Paul was an amazing person, but that precious time that I had with him made me realise just how amazing he really was, and how lucky I was to have known him. I miss Paul greatly but feel so blessed to know that I have him watching over me.

Michelle Lawton
Preston, England

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