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A birthday message 11th January, 2007

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from Christine and Matt Lawton

To our darling son Paul,

As life goes by we miss you much more
Our pain is still raw and our hearts are still sore
Your beautiful smile and your loving ways
Will be with us both until the end of our days

Our loving son – so honest and true
Loved by  the hundreds of people you knew
The legacy that you have left behind
Peace, love and music and friendship worldwide

The memories we have in our hearts and our minds
Of your love, your compassion so genuine, so kind
Your well balanced spirit, love of life, fun and more
With laughter and humour and stories galore

And Sapna, without her what would we have done
Her beautiful spirit throughout has shone
In sickness and health and in very dark days
Encouraging us both in compassionate ways 

Your friends too have carried us through these days
In our grief and their grief they break through the haze
They're a testament to the friend whom they love
Your music and their love goes on – on and on

For ever in our hearts and thoughts – we miss you with every passing day
Mum and Dad

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