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from Brenda and Bas Laff

We first became friends with Chris and Matt back in 1965.  The children – Paul, Bev and Diane (our daughter) all loved each other at an early age and played lovely together in either our garden, theirs or Nana Roddy’s (Chris’s mum) who lived just at the back of us and spoiled all three children.

Each Friday evening we would either go to the Lawton’s or they would come to our house.  The children used to put on little shows for us.  Paul was always the star.  His favourite songs then were “Ob-La-Di”, “Lily the Pink” and “A Groovy Kind of Love”.  Even at that young age he loved his music. 

One of my lasting images of Paul as a small child was at one of  Diane’s birthday parties at our house.  Paul was about four.  As I looked through our front window, Bev and Paul were crossing the road to our house.  Bev was dressed in a beautiful white dress and Paul in short grey pants, white shirt and dickie bow (bow-tie).  They were holding hands and looked like a little prince and princess.

Paul was an Everton supporter and would go to the matches with his dad.  We used to say to him “well, somebody has to support them” as we were all Manchester United fans.

Then in 1978 the family moved to Canada and in 1979 we spent three wonderful weeks with them.  Paul had just got his first set of drums.  We all knew then that music was for him.

We saw Paul again at Bev’s wedding in 1984.  He was a young man now and talked about his love of music.  The next and last time we saw him was in 2001 when again he chatted to us about his friends, his music and of course Everton.

We have been onto Paul’s website and were delighted by the following he had and all the lovely friends he had made in Canada.  He certainly was a remarkable, caring young man.

Brenda and Bas Laff
Warrington, England

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