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from Ciarán Tully

Paul's Dad and my Dad are first cousins. We saw a lot of Beverley and Paul in Warrington until they left for Canada. I last saw Paul at our wedding in 1992. It was a lovely surprise. Keeping in touch with Chris and Matt over the years (they are my Godparents) I learned that Paul was a drummer and was coming out on tour to our new home of New Zealand. We made contact over the phone and tried to catch up. However, it was not to be and Paul phoned to say goodbye about 30 seconds before he went on stage in Taupo. I know it was only 30 seconds as I could hear the M.C. announce them onstage! I was so appreciative that he found the time to talk. 

Even though we hadn't spoken or met for 11 years, a love of God, music and a strong family connection meant no gap or distance at all. I couldn't wait to see him on his next trip. I found out that he was coming back last August, and the next day I sadly found out he wasn't.

Looking through this website has made me realise how special Paul was. I feel a tremendous sadness, but also joy in the fact that He lived his life with a passion that is rare. He was a shining example on chasing your dreams and finding happiness in the day to day things we take for granted. I miss him.

Ciarán Tully
New Zealand

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