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from Geoff Cole

I only met Lolly once, when I visited Vancouver in November 2003 and stayed with Zoe and Craig Laven. I was introduced to Lolly one evening when we all went to see a band. We got on really well, talking about England, music, and football. We discovered that we had very similar musical tastes. Afterwards me, Zoe, Craig, and Lolly went back to his flat. I had such a brilliant time there. He let me play one song after another from his CD collection. Because they were all songs he loved too this went on until about 4 in the morning.

Right at the end, just as our Taxi turned up, I put on perhaps my favourite song, “The Lee Shore” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (the unreleased version off the Anthology). Lolly kept saying how beautiful it was and that he was surprised not to have ever heard the song before. With Lolly playing along to the song on one of his percussion instruments we said our goodbyes and got the taxi.

I only spent that one evening with Lolly but was struck by his sensitive and wonderful soul. He made a real impression on me. The day after Zoe told me Lolly had died I got out the “The Lee Shore” and put it on. A friend had only just returned my copy of the CD after borrowing it for about 2 years. I realised that the last time I heard the song was when I was saying goodbye to Lolly. I picked up my 9-month-old daughter, sat with her on the Sofa and thought about that evening playing CD’s with Lolly.

Geoff Cole
Durham, England

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