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from Patricia Murphy and Father Michael G. Murphy

We are first cousins to Paul's Dad. Paul's Grandpa Lawton was our Mum's young brother. He was also Godfather to the second of the signatories to this message. We wish to pay tribute to you friends of Paul for the way you are honouring his memory. Like you we cherish memories of Paul, particularly of his love of music.

His Mum and Dad ensured that there was always the sound of music in their home. Perhaps you may not know this, but the favourite party piece which was sung by Paul and his sister Beverley when they were very young was the famous Liverpudlian song of the Beatles, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.” And they sang it with great big smiles on their faces. In fact that was the family background for Paul and Beverley, lots of love and laughter. We are not surprised to see that he is missed so much by such a wide circle of friends.

We would also like to give witness to Paul's deep Catholic faith which was the main inspiration for his love of all, especially those less fortunate than himself. His love for God comes through clearly in the wonderful piece which he wrote in this past year, and which is published in the book commemorating the Year of the Eucharist and published by the Aquinas Institute of Vancouver. Paul leaves us, in that article, a personal testimony to his true character,  which we will always cherish.  May his good and holy soul rest in the peace of God's eternal love.

Patricia Murphy and her brother Father Michael G. Murphy.

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