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Windsor memorial

celebrating Lolly


from Tim Readman

When Paul ‘Lolly’ Lawton passed away on July 15th 2005 we all lost a dear friend. However, as I am sure anyone who attended the first annual ‘Lollypalooza’ show at The Anza Club in Vancouver on Friday January 13th 2006 would agree, his spirit still lives among us.

The aim was to help the Paul Lawton Memorial Scholarship fund get up to $10,000 so that it can be endowed. Once endowed, the scholarship will be given out each year in perpetuity to a deserving student in the School of Performing Arts at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario, where Lolly studied Business – Advertising.

There were fine performances from the acts; Sambata, Cody Westman, Brickhouse, Tim Readman, Andy Collins, The Paperboys and the Big Head Project, who all entertained the packed crowd and got the dance floor moving. But the real stars of the night were the volunteer crew; all dear friends of Lolly’s who sold tickets, made posters, manufactured T-Shirts, organized a silent auction and the sale of Lolly’s music collection, ran the bar, stage managed the night and stayed behind long after the party was over to clean up.

It was a night of mixed emotions, when good times were remembered with a laugh or a grin; and when our sad loss hit us hard once again and brought us to tears. Throughout it all the spirit of co-operation, friendship and love prevailed. That was the spirit in which Lolly lived his life and that is the spirit we will continue to celebrate. The memorial card at Lolly’s funeral said, “After my death it will rain roses.” I am beginning to understand what that means. See you all next year.

Tim Readman

P.S. The following day Everton beat 1-0 Portsmouth away from home in the English Premier League.