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celebrating Lolly

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celebrating Lolly


Many of Lolly's friends, supporters and family came out for the wake held for him at the Wolf and Hound Pub in Kitsilano on Wednesday July 20, 2005, and what a night it was. It was an evening filled with music, hugs, tears and laughter. Paul's former band the Paperboys played a brilliant set, as did Tim Readman, Big Head Project and Brickhouse, and there was also an incredible performance by Lolly's samba percussion ensemble, Sambata.

There was also a slideshow of hundreds of photographs, and a tape of an Everton - Liverpool match playing on the big screen—a game Lolly had attended in May while in England, and the first time Everton had beaten Liverpool in 10 years! The highlight though was a rendition of a song from one of Lolly's birthday parties. Imagine if you will about 200 people singing “One Lolly Lawton, there's only one Lolly Lawton” to the tune of Guantanamera at the top of their lungs for about 20 minutes. It was unbelievable and a true celebration of his spirit—Lolly was definitely right there with us.

photos and videos coming soon!