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Lolly's bench & tree

bench & tree




Windsor memorial

celebrating Lolly


The bench and tree that we arranged in Lolly’s memory are now up at Jericho Beach Park in Vancouver. Lolly spent a lot of time at Jericho, especially since the Vancouver Folk Festival, which he played at when he was with the Paperboys, is held there every summer.

lolly's tree & bench

The ceremony we held on July 7th, 2006 to commemorate the bench and tree and to lay Lolly’s ashes was magical thanks to the presence and involvement of every single person who was there–it all came to be out of love and every bit of that was felt. You can see some photos from the evening in the picture gallery.

Please click here to read a note to everyone from Cooz & Sapna.

Kris Klassen also spoke these words during the evening.

And finally, a very special message from Paul's parents, Christine & Matt.



At Jericho

At Jericho, you played football
At Jericho, you played music
At Jericho, you played the main stage of the Folk festival on a Friday night, a field of faces in front of you, the sea up ahead of you, the sun on your cheek, and you played your drums
At Jericho, you sat & listened as other musicians soothed your soul
At Jericho, by these ponds, you found a higher place and space
At Jericho, you kissed a girl
At Jericho, you danced
At Jericho, you watched the sunrise, the colours mushrooming inside your head
At Jericho, you sat on a blanket, and drank red wine, and laughed, and then you spilt red wine, and when we got up to dance, the wine coloured our toes purple
At Jericho, you volunteered for the Folk Fest, doing the sound, running around the stage, you who loved sound, making sure it was right
At Jericho, you rode your bike
At Jericho, you leaned on a log, your feet in the sand, and played cards
At Jericho, you ran so that your cheeks wouldn’t get fat
At Jericho, you arrived in the morning, with your hat, and your chair, and you sat, and listened to music all day long
At Jericho, you were always smiling
At Jericho, we come and meet you here, at this bench, at this tree
This bench we had built for you
This tree we had planted for you
At the original Jericho, the city after which this park was named,
The musicians played, and suddenly the wall that divided the city came tumbling down
And so you our drummer, our friend, our brother, our son,
The love and music goes on & on, and the
Wall between where we are, and where you are now, collapses
And we are together again
At Jericho


map to Lolly's bench

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